Chasing KGs at big conferences

Knowledge Graphs @ ICLR 2021

Your guide to the KG-related research in ML, May edition

Reasoning in KG: Simpler than you thought

Source: Arakelyan, Daza, Minervini, and Cochez
Source: Qu, Chen et al

Temporal Logics and KGs

Source: Han, Chen, et al
Source: Hahn et al
Ok, let’s use Transformers here, too

NLP Perspective: Relations & PMI, Entity Linking

Source: Allen, Balažević, and Hospedales
Relation prototypes. Source: Ding, Wang, et al
When you find yourself as a named entity in a KG
Generating entity names token by token. Source: GENRE github repo

Complex Question Answering: More Modalities

Source: Xiong, Li, et al
Source: Chen et al
Source: Talmor, Yoran, Catav, Lahav et al


Waiting for the list of ACL’21 accepted papers



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Michael Galkin

AI Research Scientist @ Intel Labs. Working on Graph ML, Geometric DL, and Knowledge Graphs