Knowledge Graphs @ EMNLP 2021

Your regular digest of KG research, November edition

I didn’t make it to Punta Cana this year 😢 but I’m happy (remotely) for the folks who managed to get there in spite of all traveling restrictions! Premium content inside 🏖

KG-augmented Language Models: Categorization

Conversational AI: Stop Hallucinating, Bro

Source: Dziri et al

Entity Linking: In the Shadow of the Colossus

Source: Provatorova et al
Low-Rank Subspace. Source: Arora et al
(London, Ontario) meets (London, UK). Source: Shadow of the Colossus

KG Construction

I didn’t manage to come up with a catchy line here :/ If you are into OpenIE and KG Construction, the following papers might be relevant.

ReGen training routines. Source: Dognin et al
CUVA. Source: Dash et al

KG Question Answering: Add some ✨ SPARQL ✨

Source: Das et al

That’s All Folks

Let me know if you like this shorter “premum” 🏖 format better than looong walls of text as in previous reviews! Thanks for investing your time here, hope you took home something useful 🙂

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